We are performance designers.

We’re thinkers and doers.  Leaders and achievers.  Artists and technicians.  We believe in being curious and constructively discontent.  We ask why a lot.  We’re opinionated.  We think most “learning solutions” out there fail to serve the learner very well, and we’re here to change that.

Our learning designers and learning experience designers believe the golden equation for the modern learner is learning value + delight – time.  Our approach to frontline performance design helps employees become more invested, engaged, and empowered.

Leadership Team

Jack Pierce

Jack Pierce

Partner | CEO | Business Strategist


Chris Bintliff

Chris Bintliff

Partner | Creative Director | Learning Strategist


Helena Clymer, MBA, PMP

Helena Clymer, MBA, PMP

Project Manager

Donna Harris

Donna Harris

Partner | CFO | Human Resources

We help develop High Impact Learning Organizations with skills that include:


Learning (Instructional) Design

Video & Motion Graphics

Workshops & Presentations

Leadership Training


Instructor Led Training (ILT)

On the Job Training (OJT)

Our clients dig us.

“The wslash work quality, attention to detail, and level of service satisfy our demanding standards. The spirit of true collaboration has always been right out in front of everything they do; they motivate us to innovate, and when we do they have the technical chops to execute.”


“wslash delivers incredible, impactful assets on time and on budget, and go above and beyond to accommodate us. We’ve had rave reviews around their training and increased participation across all our learning platforms.”


“wslash develops new and innovative online training for us that is “not as usual” versus the boring click through type of training many companies offer. Through open communication, creative strategy meetings and thinking outside the box – we are creating training that will be engaging, challenging and practical for our Associates.”

-Sam’s Club

“The wslash team brings a level of creativity and forward thinking mindset that we have not seen from other companies. We trusted them that they could provide the demanding solutions we were looking for, and they came through in spades.  This is the best e-learning we’ve ever had at this company.”


“The team at wslash is dynamic, enthusiastic, and creative.  They make you feel like you are the one and only most important client that they’ve ever had, as if they spend nights awake thinking and solving for your issues.  And their deliverables really show that.  They are not only right on target, but they are fun and creative as well.  wslash adds a unique spin to seemingly everything they do and are an absolute pleasure to do business with.”


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