Learners have changed.

It’s time learning changed too.

The modern digital learner is more sophisticated, savvy, and discerning than ever before.  This is because the modern digital learner is the modern digital user.  Learners  expect meaningful but concise content.  A frictionless and fun experience.  Platforms that meet them wherever they are, whenever they are, on whatever device.  wslash is committed to impacting your modern digital learners like nobody else because we understand the modern learner like nobody else.


Video:  Creative Director Chris Bintliff addresses the Association for Training and Development in Minneapolis on modern learning design.

Digital Behaviors of Modern Learners





































Attention Span

We decide to stay or leave a web page in just 8 seconds. Down from 13 seconds in the year 2000.

Words Read

We read just 20%-28% of a web page; we scan the rest.


Words Scanned

In fact, we’ll scan just 50% of a page with 111 words.



The ideal headline is just six words long. Any longer and we tune words out.

Long Form

The ideal long form content takes 7 minutes to read; any longer and retention is sacrificed.

If there’s one lesson to take from every major change in how people browse the internet over the last five years — the rise of infinite feeds, the gradual retirement of slideshows and pagination, the explosion of very tall, vertically interactive page layouts — it’s that users hate to click and don’t mind scrolling. Taps are expensive, swiping is cheap. Clicking is a choice, like jumping; scrolling is inevitable, like falling.

John Hermann


We develop powerful, innovative tools that reach people in exciting, imaginative ways.  We apply five basic rules to everything we design:

Targeted & Meaningful

We get to the point.  This might mean skipping 4 or 5 pages of charts and graphs that are interesting, but ultimately don’t help the learner perform.

Make a Difference

We give people learning value they can start practicing right away, and performance support tools to continue engagement after a module ends.

Less Time

People want to get in, get the goods, and get out.  Our modules are typically 5-7 minute “nutritious snacks”, with the occasional longer meal.


Our writers design for the learner first – not the stakeholders.  This means talking to learners, not at them.  We casually talk to learners like a a trusted colleague from across the table, rather than as A Mighty Corporate Voice.


The days of chaining learners to the beige box in the back room are over.  We deliver modern, responsive experiences that meet people wherever they’re ready for learning.  Time and device are the variables – learning is the constant.

With everything we design, we consider the person on the other side of the screen.  What is this like for them?  What are they experiencing?  Boring, static e-learning – on any screen – will achieve the usual results; learners checking a box to say “done”, with no meaningful behavior change on the other side of training.  We advocate for the learner, bridging your brand and business objectives with learning experiences that create more invested, empowered, and engaged employees.

The Zero Engine is a framework for modern learning.  It’s a go anywhere, be every-ware development platform that lets us engage learners with an interface and experience that’s immediately familiar to them; zero learning curve, zero friction, zero distractions.  The Zero Engine delivers learning value with delight, creating learning experiences that are more like learners’ favorite apps than the boring e-learning as usual they’re used to.

If your learning needs require Flash, we do that too – applying our same Modern Learning Design philosophies.  And learn more about how we use Digital Characters to introduce a social element to soft skills and communications training.

Training succeeds when it supports your people where they need it most. The Behavior Change Matrix can help you target, then transform, towards high performance.


Training is a critical piece of the performance puzzle, but how people feel at work is what matters most.  Our holistic approach to Performance Design helps you shape a culture of learning,  putting people before process.


Ready to talk?  We keep it easy and low key.  Hit us up for a casual conversation about you and how we might help.