Performance Design starts with thinking beyond just the activities and tasks people do at work.  We must look at what really drives performance in an organization – human nature.  How we feel at work makes an impact on how engaged and productive we are.  When an organization is as mindful of the employee experience as they typically are of the customer experience, a strong learning culture can develop.

A High-Impact Learning Organization (HILO) adopts attitudes, ethics, processes and initiatives that encourage employees to grow in knowledge and performance.  This requires more than activities centered around e-learning and learning management systems.

A strong learning culture adopts behaviors that empower. Practices that help people feel valued. Training initiatives that transform.

Learning Culture ROI

According to a study from Bersin & Associates, organizations with strong learning cultures significantly outperform those that don’t:


Higher employee productivity


Better response to customer needs


Higher customer satisfaction


Better skills for future demand


Stronger innovators in your market

Culture Crisis

Unfortunately, most of us are not thriving in High-Impact Learning Organizations.  A recent Gallop poll paints the clear picture – most people are struggling inside organizations with too much politics, imbalanced relationships, unclear expectations, and unsupportive communities.


25% Employees actively disengaged and spreading negativity


63% Employees disengaged and not investing


88% Employees suffering unhealthy culture

Defining performance to design performance

A healthy work culture leads to a strong learning culture. The first step to improving frontline performance in your organization is building a common vocabulary for a healthy culture. Together, we define what high performance can be.



Our 4 C’s of Performance set the direction.

Relationships are COHESIVE, durable and loyal

Cohesive relationships are the core of high performance.  We’ve all heard (or said) about a job, The work is okay, but I really like my co-workers.  When people feel a sense of social belonging, worklife is much healthier.

Culture fostering the COURAGE to take action

Productivity is multiplied in a culture marked by the courage to act.  When people are encouraged to explore ideas and options – even if they might fail – it leads to stronger, more capable problem-solvers.

Behaviors CALIBRATED for positive investments

People succeed when they feel the people around them want them to succeed – and they’ll reflect that kind of support to others.  When employees become invested in each other, the potential for success is amplified.

Staying CENTERED on common goals

Personal agendas are second to staying centered on common goals.  Together we can do more than any one of us can do alone.

People Performance

In a healthy work culture, people are capable of great things.  When an organization puts its employees first, employees will more naturally put customers first.  Our approach to frontline training and performance solutions helps create a healthy learning culture, and develops your people to be:


When people believe in the vision, it’s easy to become part of the vision.  People that feel valued and supported are more likely to assume ownership of their roles.  An invested employee contributes to the success of others.


Customers know the difference between somebody keeping to the script and somebody helping them solve problems.  Engaged employees excel at providing superior experiences for customers – not just transactions.


With a culture of courage comes the confidence to be agile with evolving situations and react positively in the moment.  Whether with co-workers or customers, an empowered employee is an adept problem solver.

Training succeeds when it supports your people where they need it most. The Behavior Change Matrix can help you target, then transform, towards high performance.


Learners have changed. It’s time for learning to change too. Our fresh perspective and modern approach to design engages today’s digital learners like never before.


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